HOLA! Bienvenidos a Mi Pagina

I am the daughter of two immigrant parents who came to the US with the dream of a better life. Unfortunately, my dad was deported when I was young and three years later my family, and I moved to Mexico. However, running from a machismo culture when I was fifteen, I moved back to the US. Just like my parents, I came here with a dream: the opportunity to have a better education, and to pave the way for girls, like my cousins in Mexico, to follow their dreams.

Today, I am an independent 20-year-old woman who is ready to make a difference in the world. I am studying Media and Journalism at only the best school ever (UNC). I am also minoring in Latinx studies and Social and Economic Justice. My main goal is to help as many people as I can no matter where I am or what I end up doing.

I could see myself working in the spanish industry as a broadcaster or working for a non-profit. I want to bring awareness to the many injustices that still exsist today in our country. In today’s society, it is crucial we realize promoting one another is vital to the survival of the richness that comes with diversity.