Where I am From

I was raised between the US and Mexico.
From a small ranch Los hornos Tlaquiltenango, Morelos and Concord.
I am from two strong humans Andres & Lucy.
From a proud Mexican culture who loves to celebrate everything and anything From eating tacos on the streets to feeding our animals and working from sunset to dawn From having a block party celebrating Mexico for three days straight
and not believing in equal rights for women

I am also from a country who separated my family when I was just a little girl
Who believed my parents were illegal and unequal
From a country who promises an American Dream but not to the people of color
I am from a family who thought I was delusional for leaving home to pursue an education How dare I leave before marriage?
From a world that showed me first hand all the injustices that still exist today
But also allowed me to experience love

I am the girl who straddles the borders
I am too American for Mexicans but too Mexican for Americans I am stuck between being with my family or pursuing my dreams From not being a perfect daughter
Or having an impact on my future

I am from feeling the pain of not having my parents present in my milestones But having the dream of changing the world
From seeing my friend’s worrying about prom dresses
While I worry about where I am going to stay or what I am going to eat
I am from a broken home
Who is trying to repair itself separately

I am from a community college that changed my life
Where our dreams were encouraged and limitless
Attending classes while holding three jobs and many officer positions
From crying in Ms. Jen’s office
to hear the excitement of Ms. Amanda when she talked about UNC
Where the students were from different backgrounds but came together to help other people

I am from my favorite book In the Country We Love: My Family Divided
I see the world with a hopeful heart that one day we will all just be humans Not Black, Mexican, “Illegal Immigrants”, Asians, White but humans
I am the dream of helping my people and serving as a role model

For my little cousins and nieces to look up to
I am the inspiration they will feel to break the stereotypes that are holding them down

I am from my beautiful Mexico, friends, family, and home that I left at age 15
And took with me the memories, dreams, and courage
I am from parents who believed in me and teared up every time they left me at the airport I am from everyone who has helped me get up every time I fall down
I am from myself, mi cultura, and mi familia

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